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The Messiah’s Name In The Old Testament

Only God can save you. Those who hope in Him will have no fears. Even when you cannot endure the affliction in your life, God will be your strength, so that you won’t give up and your faith in Him be destroyed. Who truly is God and how can you have a relationship with Him?

(Part 2) The Coming Jewish Messiah Will Be The False One

Jesus was talking about the End Times to His disciples, pointing to them what Daniel said in Daniel 9:27 about “the abomination of desolation”, which is the indicator of when the Antichrist will start to take over the world.

Bible Trivia Saturday: The Tribes Of Israel (Answer)

QUESTION: What Tribe did Judah come from? ANSWER: It was a trick question. Judah did not come from a tribe because Judah is a tribe, called the tribe of Judah . Even though it came from Jacob who was renamed by the LORD, Israel, he was not considered a tri…