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If Jesus Would Come Today, Would You be ready To Face Him?

God’s grace came in the form of the person of Jesus Christ. The word “grace” means God’s kindness and mercy to give us a way out of our sins. Once a person dies in their sins, it is all over. Sin is what makes you guilty and death is one’s judgment. As long as a person is living, there is still time, all hope is not lost.

Devotional: Let’s Not Be Spiritually Sleeping But Be Alert For The Return Of Christ Is Near

The words “light” and “night” refer to either being in the truth or still being blind, not knowing the Lord Jesus Christ. It can also mean that a Christian could be living in sin or not busy doing God’s will and thus “asleep” spiritually.

Getting Ready For Tribulation & Starting To Live Right In God’s Eyes

The Apostles were not exempt from going through their own tribulation for the sake of Christ. Likewise, we have to prepare our minds for any hardship that we may face. Even though it might not be evident that it is for the sake of Christ, remember, the devil is working in the background to tempt you with tribulation to abandon your trust in Jesus Christ.