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Divisions In The Body Of Christ

The type of division that Paul was against was the one that causes Christians to separate themselves from the rest of the believers as if they were different Christians. All Christians have the same Holy Spirit. We are all one in Christ. Do you call yourself a Calvinist, a reformed Christian, a Baptist, etc.?

The War On The Sinner’s Prayer And Inviting Jesus Into Your Heart

This attack by Calvinists on the sinner’s prayer and teaching Christians not to tell people to ask Him into their hearts is demonic and not from God. That’s what happens when you believe someone’s interpretation instead of the Holy Spirit’s.

From Whom Does The Gospel Come From John Calvin Or The Holy Spirit?

I came across two Calvinists that claimed something so horrific that it made me gasp. I have never thought that’s what that group believed. I would like to share this without naming them out of respect. Why do Calvinists hold to John Calvin and his te…