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Category: My Testimonies

Testimony: Jesus did a miracle for me and my family today

Jesus did a miracle for me and my family today. We have gone without having AC in the house for over a year. The worst thing about the whole situation is that we happen to live in a never-ending summery state. Financially, I couldn’t afford to fix it….

(Part 3) Visitations: My testimony about Witchcraft (Santeria)

My family practiced Santeria in my house between the front door and dining room. They would make a circle with one of my uncles in the middle. It was obvious that something was taking control of him (he was possessed). He was telling those around the…

(Part 2) First Attack: My testimony about Witchcraft (Santeria)

Demons attacked my mother’s mind to destroy us I know I was going to talk about the things I saw in my house but this story which happened to me and my mother is very serious. If you have a weak heart do not read further. This testimony took place whe…