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Category: False Teachers

Jesus Exposing The Whitewashed Tombs

The word for “woe” in Greek is to express grief and the way it is used in verse 27, the grief is what the scribes and Pharisees will feel after their death in hell because of their hypocrisy. The reason the religious leaders were condemned by the Lord is because they were sending people to hell even though they knew the Scriptures.

Ravi Zacharias: The Holy man Who Never Was

The context is referring to believers who are the elders and leaders of their church community who are responsible for how they live before God and people. When a Christian leader slips into sin and for whatever reason continues in that lifestyle, God will bring swift judgment which can be death.

Satan Plants His Disciples In The Churches. Not Even Churches Are Safe. Know The Word

There are many false teachers today who claim to be followers of Jesus Christ and are deceiving many genuine believers. The first thing they have to attack, that which they profess to follow, the Word of God.

A Rejection of Biblical Inerrancy, Will Open Up The Door To Demonic Deception

I was following a fellow believer by the name of kenzelsfire who has deviated greatly from sound doctrine. My duty as a watchman on the wall is to warn you, my brothers in Christ, of a landmine that is detrimental to your faith in the truth. She wrote…