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Category: Exegesis vs Eisegesis

The Importance Of Reading The Scriptures In Context

What happened to Jesus’ disciples can happen to anyone of us if we don’t see the context of what we are either reading or hearing something being explained to us. Jesus was teaching His disciples to be careful of the Pharisees false teachings through their traditions that they added to the Scriptures. Jesus’ followers didn’t pay attention that He was talking about religious leader’s teaching which automatically makes the word leaven to be spiritual and not literal.

How To Safeguard Yourself From Giving The Wrong Interpretation Of A Particular Verse Or Verses.

Eisegesis -Putting your own or bias interpretation into the text of Scripture, making it say what you want it to say. Exegesis -Extracting the plain meaning of any verse in Scripture without any preconceived notion. Allowing Scripture to give you it’s…