America Under Judgment

The word “wicked” means those who live without God and whose morals come from the world. Whatever the world deems to be good or what’s immoral, that will be his standard. Remember, the world does not have God, so the good that it has is really evil.

When Wicked Men Rule, Everyone Suffers

Since the world’s leaders are far left, it is chaotic. Liberals are governed by fear since they don’t have God, and because of that, the people suffer. For example, let us look at New Zealand. When a single case of the virus C-19 surfaced, the whole country went into lockdown destroying further, its economy.

To The Concerned Folks

This post is for those who had a genuine concern for me, thinking that I was becoming prideful in my comments while defending the truth of God’s Word. I appreciate that concern and will try to answer why I stand on certain issues.