What Is The Evidence That You Love God?

How do you know that you love the Lord Jesus Christ? Many will say, I go to church, I read the Bible, I give 10 percent to the church, or I live a good life and don’t do the things that bad people do.

None of those things show that you love Jesus. They are good things, but one can do them with the wrong motive. What did Jesus say how someone can show that they love Him. He said…

If you love Me, you will keep My commandments. -John 14:15

Do a self-examination and see how many times you have obeyed the Lord verses your disobedience. See which overtakes the other? Are you striving to be in the Word with the intent of doing what it says?

Reading the Word of God with the desire to do what it says shows that you love God. Criticizing the Bible because you think that it contains errors, not knowing that Satan has filled your mind with doubt is pushing you in the direction of hating God eventually.

The worst thing you can do is proclaim that you follow the Lord Jesus Christ and at the same time attack the very words of the Bible that talk about the One whom you profess to love and live to please.

So, the question is a simple one. Do you love Jesus? Ask yourself how often do you live out God’s Word.

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