Spiritual Minefield

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Month: May 2021

Satan Is Looking To Destroy Your Faith. Are You Upgrading It?

A man saves his money and builds a house with it. After several months later, a storm arises and strikes the man’s house. The house stands because the storm only had winds of 80 miles per hour. He does an inspection and finds minor damages. So, he proceeds to invest more money in the house to upgrade it. Unbeknownst to him, there’s a bigger storm forming out at sea that its winds will reach 150 miles per hour.

Don’t Be Afraid Of The Enemy

When the Israelites got near the land of Canaan, Moses sent scouts, 12 of them, to scout out the land. But, when they returned, they came back faithless because the people of that land were giants. They forgot what the Lord did to the Egyptians on their behalf. Ten out of twelve scouts were faithless and brought a bad report, discouraging the rest in the camp.

The Danger Of Abandoning The Lord

Starting from the last verse, a dog and a pig illustrate an unregenerate person. The vomit and mud symbolize a sinful lifestyle. On the one hand, you have the body ejecting something harmful from within, and the other is washed clean from the outside. Both illustrations, the dog and the pig: reflects a person who at one point did 180 degrees through the conviction of the Holy Spirit. However, the person’s change of lifestyle from sin to holiness was only momentary.

If You Get Jesus Wrong, The rest of Your Theology Falls apart.

The Sanhedrin couldn’t find two witnesses that would agree on the same accusation against Jesus. So, they flat out asked Him if He was the Son of God. The elders knew that the title Son of God meant deity. We see this in John 5:16-18.

Christians Need To Be Sharpened In The Word Daily

Before we go out into the world to tell people about Jesus, we must be in the Scriptures learning and allowing the Holy Spirit to give us insight. Without having God’s Word inside of us, we will be as useless as an unsharpened pencil to preach and defend the truth.