We have witnessed a growth of lawlessness after the virus hit the world, and people were mandated to stay home. When a person doesn’t display love, that can mean that their lifestyle is shrouded in darkness. The closer we get to the return of Christ, the worse people will become. You will see crime even higher than what it is now, and now, it has hit record highs.


The tree of life represents eternal healing with no more death, sickness, and any other illnesses. In heaven, we will live forever. We will have a spiritual body that will surpass the laws of physics. No need for transportation either. You can go from point A to point B from many miles away faster than a second.

If Something You Do Is Not Mentioned In The Scriptures, Does It Make it Right?

Many say that the Bible doesn’t contain everything that a person does under the sun. For example, the Scriptures doesn’t say anything about smoking cigarettes and doing all types of hard drugs. And many other modern inventions that God’s Word doesn’t name. Can we truly base our lives, in any circumstance, on God’s Word and find answers to our problems, what we are going through? The answer is YES, without a shadow of a doubt.