Why The Far Left Hates Conservatives

Why does the far left act the way they do and want to deplatform conservative speech?

One word describes why the leftist think and act the way they do—godlessness. They are driven by the enemy, not because they disagree with the right, no, not that. It is something much more sinister than that. It is to attack the eternal gospel of Jesus Christ from being used in the platforms we have today—so that people won’t get saved. Satan is using his leftist people (the socialists) to deplatform conservatives, which will end up reaching the true conservatives [the Christians].

We must understand that the believers who are preaching Christ are the real targets of the demonic forces. The only way to try and stop the gospel from spreading is by deplatforming every conservative, even though many conservatives are not Christians, but that strategy will hit all those who are spreading the Word of God.

We must understand who the real enemy is. In the Book of Ephesians Chapter 6, it reveals the ones that we must attack with our swords, and they are not human.

In Ephesians 6:12, it says, “For our battle is not against flesh and blood, but against the rulers, against the authorities, against the world powers of this darkness, against the spiritual forces of evil in the heavens.”

Every false teacher, preacher that knocks on your door for the purpose of deceiving you, you must realize that it is really a demon behind them—manipulating their words in such a way as to derail your faith. The far left—with a godless ideology, and those with a false gospel are driven by forces who are from another dimension called: The spiritual realm. These spiritual forces are pure evil and the Scripture describes them as demons, evil spirits, unclean spirits, fallen angels, and the dragon’s angels (Revelation 12:7).

They, those without Christ, are just puppets—stringed by the devil to do his will.

Then they may come to their senses and escape the Devil’s trap, having been captured by him to do his will. -2 Timothy 2:26

We on the other hand, do not fight against such an enemy [the puppets] but our true enemy that we fight is against the…

Puppet Master

Who are you fighting? If you are fighting people, you have lost already.

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  1. It is nothing more than self-righteousness to think that being involved in governance is too taboo and dirty for Christians. Inaction from any Christian means they have surrendered to the ways of this world like Lot, in effect becoming ‘tasteless salt.’ When lawlessness is rampant, the last resort is to flee.

    1. Christians are never told to stay away from the battle but to put on the full armor of God. No matter how the battlefield looks like, we have to fight for righteousness. Showing them God’s Word so that they may turn from death to life.

  2. This is exactly what Lawyer, Lin Wood has been saying. He’s a solid Christian and Conservative, he’s dedicated to identifying the dark Satanic pedos in Gov’t.

    Here is his latest piece from Telegram…

    “I am attacked by my adversary for making unfounded accusations against high government officials (such as Rod Rosenstein, John Roberts & Mike Pence). I know defamation law. I would never make an accusation against another person unless I had credible evidence to support it.

    Why does my adversary attack my accusations without ever sharing with you the interview of the whistleblower which is the basis for my statements?

    Fair question, don’t you think?

    Below is a portion of the interview of the whistleblower dealing with Rod Rosenstein and the death of Seth Rich”

    Please follow Lin Wood on Telegram and please spread the word to everyone you know.

    Thank you.

    1. Thank you for your comment, londoninvestigates. I know very little about Lin Wood. I don’t have Telegram. Lin Wood sounds like he knows the real enemy. Many Christians have no clue who they are suppose to battle.

      Believers need to be more in the Scriptures. The more mature we are, the more the Lord will use us to spread the gospel.

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