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This post are for my readers—those who follow me, and for those who are ghost readers. As most of you are aware that the left—the big techs, including WordPress, are censoring folks who lean conservative, which includes Christians. They are deplatforming a lot people who supported the President and who are against the leftist agenda.

Right now, they are banning sites that have big views (visitors), but sooner or later, the Christian sites will be next. We are witnessing, ladies and gentleman, a systematic demonic attack to stop the preaching of the gospel through free speech. There is a spiritual warfare happening right now, to stop at all cost, the Christians from reaching people for Jesus Christ.

The moment they declared the “victor”, all hell broke lose on free speech. Now you know why I voted for Trump. Satan is behind this administration, there is no question in my mind.

I had to immediately back up all of my posts. I will still continue to post to fight the good fight of the faith. I don’t know how long we Christians have to post on this platform.

With how things are going, we might have a year or less on this platform until they will ban all conservatives.

May the Lord Jesus Christ come quickly.

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  1. I agree with some of your words, except freedom of speech wasn’t band Bec of the new president. It has long been taken away. I agree with the censoring or erasing of our words but not that it is because of the new president. To me it is because we are closer to regaining our world so the fight from the opposing parties will have to be stronger. At first it was because we wasn’t supposed to find our way out… But now that we are it will only get worst until we gain victory.

    1. Thank you for your comment.

      The problem is that we are speaking from two different thoughts. You are more into the New Age, if I’m not mistaken, and I’m getting my perspective through God’s Word. President-elect, is a leftist which means they support things that are against the Word of God. I don’t like to get into the details now. I already wrote a post about it in detail. I can send you that link if you like?

      The only right way—is Jesus’s way. Victory can only be found in Christ. Everything that is happening has been penned down in the Scriptures. This does not surprise me.

      1On1Wisdom, if you don’t have a relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ of the Bible, you will not make it to heaven. Every other teaching about the spiritual realm is demonic in nature and will deceive you.

      The antichrist is right around the corner and if his coming is that close, imagine how close is the return of Jesus Christ to rapture up the church—it’s that much closer.

      P.S. The censorship started, in this unprecedented degree, after the President-elect won the electoral votes. All steam ahead for the leftist agenda.

      Jesus Christ is the only answer. I leave you with this verse: John 14:6 “Jesus told him, “I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me.”

  2. Please listen to this Godly man. The media and worldly leaders maybe currently insinuating that only post that promote more violence will be censored, BUT they will eventually use this whole situation as an excuse to censor sincere Christians too.

    The vaccine itself may not be the Mark of the Beast, but they are using its distribution and tracking as a test run for the future Mark.

    The Book of Revelation is being revealed right before our very eyes. If you are reading my comment, and you haven’t received Jesus as your Savior and Lord, then I urge you to do so while there is yet time.

    SpaniardVIII, please keep sharing the undiluted Word for as long as you can. People like you, Caeli, and Marques Jeffries are making a strong impact for God’s kingdom through your Blog posts.

    The Rapture of the bride of Christ draws near.

    1. Amen, my sister. Your words speak volume. Thank you for your support. We are living in a time of darkness and it will just get darker. Now is the time for all believers in Jesus Christ to dig deeper into His Word and hold on to it tight.

      Even in my last breath, Jesus Christ will be proclaimed.

      May the Lord bless you and keep you safe, DaMonika.

  3. I noticed around 2 years ago on YouTube that Local government were banning Home Bible studies, I’ve seen churches in my area converted into flats for property speculators, Politicians who are genuine Christian are now targeted and demanded they be put on no-fly lists. There is a pattern that repeats itself and coupled with the failure of the fiat currency, would explain the Great Reset and the layers of fraud we just witnessed in front of our very eyes but was suppressed by Big Tech.

      1. I really admire your dedication to Christ the Saviour. It reminds me as an 8 Yr old experiencing a certain loving peace atmosphere in a church which I was baffled at the time but stayed with me 50 yrs.
        I know that those who believe in God and serve others for him will merge with him when it is their time.

        1. I appreciate your words. What you said is true. And I’m glad that you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. The moment we close our eyes in death, we will reopen them in His presence.

          I have seen a lot while growing up. My family are into Santeria (witchcraft). If you go to “My testimonies” you can read about what I saw. I’m so grateful to the Lord Jesus Christ for what He has done for me, saving me from that demonic religion and other deceptions.

          I can’t wait to meet Jesus in the clouds so that all of us will be with Him forever.

  4. SpaniardVIII, you have got a nice ministry going here; And you seem very sincere in your faith. I admire that. I too believe that Buydin’s administration is going to hand the U.S. over to the Revelation Beast.

    That being said, people like you were actually in trouble the day that Donald Trump became the Republican nominee. That man is vile, and quite possibly under the influence of an evil spirit. George H. Bush behaved with class when he lost to Clinton, George W Bush worked with Obama, and Obama did a peaceful transition to Trump…BUT Not Trump. That man has ejected a dose of poisonous venom into this nation, and many people drank it up.

    the other
    Conservative Christians knew that Trump was arrogant, prideful, and had none of the fruits of the spirit, yet none of you rebuked him from your pulpits and Blogs. Paula Cain, Hagee, Franklin Graham all drank the “Trump Kool-Aid.” You all thought you were the good guys wearing the white hats, but in reality your hats are gray. Its a real shame that so many Conservative Christians were so rigid about sticking with Trump, that you guys are being censored on Twitter and Parlor, along with those QAnon crazies. Your support of “Donnie Boy” just might damage your credibility to share Jesus with the lost.

    SpaniardVIII, I know it sounded like I was attacking your faith, but that wasn’t my intent. Like that Sharpe woman commented earlier, I do believe you are a Godly man, but it is just a real shame that a guy like you had to endorse a wicked man like Trump. I really do hope that you, personally, are not censored, and can keep preaching for a long time.

    1. Thank you for your comment, Mr. Polarius.

      I’m not, at this time, going to go into details regarding why I, through the lens of God’s Word, voted for President Trump, who did more in 4 years than all the other Presidents that you mentioned combined. That’s a fact.

      You can find out why, myself and other like-minded mature believers in Jesus Christ voted for President Trump on the link below:


      If you truly are a sincere person, you will take the time to read what I wrote on the subject with the link provided above. It is always a good idea to ask why a mature believer voted the way he/she did before you bring, indirectly, an accusation.

      Nonetheless, I take no offense to your comment, it is welcome here.

      All of the Christians who voted for President Trump, did so for his policies not because he said that he was a Christian. I don’t believe that President Trump is a Christian—he needs Jesus as much as one whose sins hasn’t been forgiven. When voting for a President, the requirements is not if he is a Christian or not, but does his policies align with God’s Word more than the other person who is running against him?

      The believers only had two options—Mr. Trump or the other one. It was a no-brainer, personally.

      You can talk bad about President Trump, you have the right to do so, but I voted for his policies not for his personality. Personality doesn’t make a good president but his polices does. Mr. Trump did really well helping the American people.

      Can you show me, just one, where his personality got in the way of one of his policies?

      And, show me what evil has the man done, besides his flaw personality?

      Send me the link so that I may review it.

      Thank you for stopping by and for letting me know your concerns. You have a wonderful day, Mr. Polarius. God bless you sir.

    2. “That being said, people like you were actually in trouble the day that Donald Trump became the Republican nominee. That man is vile, and quite possibly under the influence of an evil spirit.”

      I am jumping in this conversation since your statement implicates me. It is easy to point fingers when what the whole country is experiencing right now is plain to see that those in high positions on the “Left” are obviously so drunk with power their vendetta knows no bounds.

      I did not vote for Trump on his claims to Christianity. I voted for reasons more substantial than your obvious character flaw rationale. If you have time, please read the posts below so that you will see why “people like SpaniardVIII” voted the way they did.


      I’m not writing this to argue, but in due time, people who claim to be Christians who voted for the upcoming administration will be in for a rude awakening as their planned Socialist agenda kicks in.

      May God open your eyes before it’s too late.

    1. Hello oneta, thank you for your comment.

      The Great Reset like they call it, will make way for the Antichrist’s system to be implemented.

      We are living in prophetic times for sure. Jesus is so near, I just can’t wait. 🙂

  5. SpaniardVIII/Caeli, I’m not an unreasonable man. I did thoroughly read to posts you both shared. I wasn’t familiar with Caeli’s Blog, so I even took some time to read a few more of her posts.
    I will say this about the two of you. At least you don’t get into that patriotic flag idol worship yada-yada, like many other Conservative Christians out there.
    I disagreed with SpaniardVIII’s assertion that Buydin’s win was the cause of this censorship, and I made my feelings on this subject known. Now, if there is any justice, Trump will lose all of his Presidential benefits and go to prison for his other crimes. Perhaps that will humble his heart enough for him to ask Jesus to save his soul.
    I wish you both a nice day.

    1. It is clear that you can’t answer either of my two questions—to give me any link proving that President Trump has done anything evil, wrong, or bad. I’m going to ask you a second time. Can you produce any real evidence about the bad things that you falsely claim that Mr. Trump has engaged in? In the words of the President-elect…”Come on man”—where is the evidence?

      You sir are a slanderer and you sound very much like the world. Jesus said in John 15:19 that the world loves it’s own and hates those who belong to Christ. President Trump is a man who God used for the sake of His people, the Christians, and the Jews. That is why the world hates Trump so much. Mr. Trump is pro-life as well. Mr. Polarius, it seems that you are in complete agreement with the world—the world hating the things of Christ. In which side does that put you in sir? I will let you think about that one.

      You know the saying…if you never come into opposition with the devil is because both of you are walking in the same direction. Only those who are walking in a different direction will end up clashing with each other.

      Are you in God’s Word daily? Are you in prayer? Do you live out the Scriptures? Are you even a believer? Or do you live and look like the world?

      In the end, everyone will give an account for what they have done for Jesus Christ.

      I really do hope that you are not in cahoots with world. Because the world (its system) belongs to the devil. I’m encouraging you to get into the Word, read it, study it, and live it out. Preach the gospel of Jesus Christ to the lost. Busy yourself with the things of God—bringing people to His kingdom.

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