NASB 2020 Bible Review

This Bible translation is a great tool for deep study, especially with the 95,000 cross-reference that it provides on this Bible. It is very accurate, and with the update, it is very readable. To me, it surpassed the NASB 95, ESV, NKJV, and the MEV Bibles for readability. This translation got me excited to read more than what I already have. It is still not has readable as the HCSB, but it is closer than the other translations as I mentioned above.

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  1. I love the NASB, the language is more readable than other versions. As I understand it is also one of the most accurate translations too. I recently upgraded my everyday reading Bible to the new Super Giant Print NASB which works perfectly for my eyesight. I still use my large Thompson Chain Reference NASB study Bible for indepth work.

    1. The 95 NASB was too wooden for me, but this new update of the NASB 2020 is superb. So far I am loving it. It is so easy to read, and knowing of its accuracy, makes it more desirable to read and learn from it. The Thompson Chain Reference Bible is an excellent study tool to dig deeper into topical references on any specific words.

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