Why Does Satan Specifically Aim At Your Faith?

38 But My righteous one will live by faith; and if he shrinks back, I will take no pleasure in him.”

-Hebrews 10:38, BSB

What is faith? And why is it important to God?

Faith not only means to believe, but it gives the meaning of trusting one’s life into the hands of God. Putting your faith in Christ is to accept His sacrifice on the cross for you and choosing to follow Jesus wherever He leads even though you don’t know where.

Having faith in the Scriptures means to believe everything that is written in it without doubting one single word of it.

Having faith in prayer means to believe that God will hear all of your prayers and will answer them according to His will and His timing for your benefit and His glory.

Now, do you see that without faith, you cannot please God?

God’s Word is the source that gives you saving faith in Jesus Christ for eternal life. If you reject the Scriptures, you will not get saved.

Finally, those who at one time professed faith in Jesus Christ, the Scriptures, and then to turn around [180 degrees] and start to go back to where they were once before they knew God, God sees it as one who never loved Him.

To sum it all up with the title of this post, the Book of Job says it best.

11 But stretch out Your hand and strike all that he has, and he will surely curse You to Your face.”

-Job 1:11, BSB

Friends, Satan wants you to curse God, which is translated to; losing your faith in Him. The devil brings this about through depression, which causes a Christian to succumb to hopelessness. Resist his temptation and stand firm in your faith by hanging on to Jesus’ promises as found in the Scriptures.

7 Replies to “Why Does Satan Specifically Aim At Your Faith?”

  1. Perhaps we need to be careful how we state our faith in the Bible?
    There is a good chance I misunderstood your statement, “Having faith in the Scriptures means to believe everything that is written in it without doubting one single word of it.”
    The way I see it we should put our faith in the teachings of Jesus.
    Moses said “An eye for an eye, a tooth for a tooth.” Jesus said “turn the other check.” We do not want to follow Moses word for word in this case.
    Jesus as the Son of God, has the authority to change the teaching of Moses. We do not have the authority to change the teaching of Jesus.
    The Old Testament is a history of God revealing himself to man. Moses and the prophets did not fully understand God. Only Jesus fully understands God.
    The only safe method is to follow the teaching of Jesus.
    I am guessing you would understand that Moses wrote the Pentateuch and the Pentateuch is inspired by God. This I would agree.

    1. Hello Jon,

      I appreciate your follow, like, and comment. I think that the points you brought forth and outlined are very important, and an adequate answer needs to be supplied to these because many people have come to the same conclusion as you have in the Christian community. I will make a post addressing each of your points with Biblical answers. I won’t use your name.

      Once my post is up, you should get the notification. Your comments are always welcome and appreciated.

      I hope that my posts in the future will be a blessing to you for the growth of your faith in Jesus Christ.

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