Christ Is Coming Soon. Are You Ready To Meet Him?

Are you a Christian who is into social justice? Or, is your heart in spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ? A Christian who is into the culture, black lives matter, is in deep sin and will be ashamed at the coming of Jesus Christ.

Imagine Jesus comes while you are supporting the democratic party who advocates for the killing of babies, are pro-LGBT, are anti-God, and also support other types of immorality. What will you say to Jesus?

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  1. Good points.
    When we pass away, that’s when we’re held to account,
    I know people constantly ask the question of what will you say upon Christ’s return, but I think one needs to be realistic and ask what will happen in the afterlife?

    1. The Scriptures say plenty about the afterlife. Either we are in Christ through faith in Him and will be with Him for all eternity or we will go to utter darkness, where the fire does not die because we chose not to put our trust in Him.

      Thank you for your comment.

      1. Absolutely agree. Even the scientific community admit this.
        The University of Virginia’s Dept of Neuropsychiatry and Perceptual Sciences completed a 50 years of research study into the subject of the afterlife, they quietly concluded its real. Obviously those who fund Universities these days do so for a return, hence the quietness.
        One classic case of a young woman who was lesbian and was even contemplating changing her gender had something known as an NDE. It lasted for a mere second but she was clinically dead, I mean proper brain-dead, flatlined as per the machine readout – in that brief moment she said she experienced Christ, it transformed her like some quasar impacted her – from my memory she realised the whole LGBT thing was one huge error. Its nothing short of a miracle if you ask me. She is what I call an absolute Christian now. Her YouTube channel is ‘Heaven is Real’ I haven’t checked it for some time since many such channels have either been purged, viewcounts doctored, edited or just buried under layers of censorship algorithmic woke protocols. There are many like her that have the same or similar NDE experiences.

        1. Thanks for your comment and for bringing that testimony to my attention. I believe that Jesus allows some folks to die for a brief moment to wake them up of their eternal state of hell, without Jesus, and gives them one last chance. I will check out her YouTube channel.

  2. The god of this world has blinded so many people to the truth.

    Some people would probably argue that standing up for social justice is part of us being a light in this world, HOWEVER every Christian would be wise to do some research on these groups before jumping on the bandwagon. I looked into a few things, and what I read shook my spirit. The true leaders behind BLM have a very evil agenda. They are just as evil as the White Supremacist groups they claim to oppose.

    Yes, Jesus is coming soon; And that means this world is rapidly being prepared for the Antichrist and his new world order to arrive on the scene.

    God gave all of us free will, so every professing believer must ask their self:

    Do I truly believe in the power of the preached
    Gospel and the Holy Spirit to bring about change in the heart of an unbeliever; Change that leads to salvation? Change that removes racism, and gives a person a love for all of God’s creations? Change that causes a person not to want to abort their unborn child? Change that brings about a heterosexual lifestyle Change that causes a person to only want to do what is pleasing to God??

    Does Jesus truly have first place in my heart, or are the cares of this world taking priority in my life?

    Personally speaking, as an African American, there have been occasions where I’ve experienced racism in school, on the job, and in the community. My identity as a follower of Jesus Christ takes priority over my race, because I want to please the Lord, and it is He who has always protected me whenever I was unjustly treated.

    No matter who wins in November, there are going to be some very angry people, because people are very passionate about their personal values and the leaders, that they entrust to defend their rights and values…whether those values are Biblical or unBiblical.

    The new world order has infiltrated both political parties, so while we should definitely vote, our identity as followers of Jesus Christ must take priority, within our heart, over the political party we support…So that we can boldly proclaim the Gospel regardless of who is in office and what laws they create or do away with.

    1. I’m an American Cuban who was born in the United States and I have experienced racism myself, not by white people, but by black people. Black people can be as racist as a white person, which I endured while attending a black school in Miami. Would I allow such hatred towards me to dictate how I see a black person? Of course not. I love all black people and all races period because I’m a Christian, and it is impossible for me to hate others because the love of Christ dwells within me.

      Even black people hate black people, just look at what is happening in Chicago. The black people are killing themselves.

      A true follower of Jesus Christ will NEVER be a racist. If a person claims to be a Christian and shows hatred towards other people of color, then it is obvious that he is not one.

      To be very clear, Mr. Trump is not my Savior. My Savior is Jesus Christ. Either party is not what will bring true peace in the world. Only until the reign of Christ will there be true peace. Saying that, if a Christian vote for a party like the Democrats who are anti-God, ant-righteousness, which they also support other vile and evil things, how in the world can that Christian claim to love the things of God, knowing full well that he/she supports a demonic party?

      We need to vote according to biblical standards, not to an emotional one. We need to forgive and forget those who hurt us in the past and not allow the culture to drive our emotions. Many so-called Christians are jumping into the bandwagon of the black lives matter agenda because they are being duped into believing that they are defending a noble cause.

      What is social justice? I will make a post regarding social justice if it something that a Christian should support.

      I appreciate you a lot Marques, and we are much more brothers than our race is to us because the Living God lives inside of both of us.

      This is a subject that needs to be talked about, even if it is hard at times to digest, but it is important because it is deceiving many Christians.

  3. Yeah, Alex, you hit the nail on the head when you eluded to people allowing their human emotions to guide them.There is a lot of fear and uncertainty in the hearts of men and women( both saved and unsaved) I’ve heard someone say that this will be the most emotionally charged election we’ve ever had.

    I’ve seen a few other Christian Bloggers attempt to tackle social justice in some of their posts recently…And the commenters have gotten really ugly with their responses.

    If God is leading you to tackle social justice in a BLOG post, I’ll definitely be praying and thanking Him in advance for speaking through you, and allowing your words to be filled with His wisdom and seasoned with grace.

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