When A Christian Becomes A Stumbling Block

Risk of stumbling

A person who professes Christianity and at the same time dabbles with New Age or with some occult practices is not only deceiving himself but may also cause difficulties in the lives [faith] of other believers which bring these verses to mind:

Exodus 32:2-5

2 Aaron said to them, “Have your wives, sons, and daughters take off the gold earrings they are wearing, and bring them to me.”

3 So all the people took off their gold earrings and handed them to Aaron. 4 After he had worked on the gold with a tool, he made it into a statue of a calf.

Then they said, “Israel, here are your gods who brought you out of Egypt.”

5 When Aaron saw this, he built an altar in front of it and announced, “Tomorrow there will be a festival in the Lord’s honor.”

Aaron, who was responsible for keeping the people in order [to keep them from going astray], is the main stumbling block who toppled their faith into full-blown idolatry. If Moses would not have intervened by asking God for mercy on his behalf, for his brother Aaron, he would have been out of gas [in serious trouble] because God was angry enough to put him to death. [Deuteronomy 9:20 The Lord was angry enough with Aaron to destroy him. But I prayed for Aaron at that time also.]

We must be careful, in what we say or do because it can have eternal consequences. We must make sure that what we are teaching is according to the truth of Holy Scripture. 

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