Verse of the Day Q&A: As A Christian, What Gear Are You On?

Luke 9:62

But Jesus said to him, “No one who puts his hand to the plow and looks back is fit for the kingdom of God.”


When a person gets saved, it is like receiving a new vehicle with only one gear “D” forward, there is no going back or apostatizing for a person with the Holy Spirit.

1. The “R” reverse means to go back to one sinful lifestyle.
2. The “N” neutral means to be a lukewarm Christian, political correctness or having some traits of the world and of Christ, like oil and water which does not mix.
3. The “P” park means that the believer is stagnant in his or her spiritual growth being in great danger.

  • What type of car are you in?
  • Is your car from the world or from the Lord?
  • What gear are you driving now?

5 Replies to “Verse of the Day Q&A: As A Christian, What Gear Are You On?”

    1. lol…I hear you..R is the worst one with N coming in second. At least with P one cannot be moved from that spot like with N. Hopefully, if the person’s gear goes to N neutral, he or she is not going uphill….lol

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