Why Do Atheists Attack Christians? Satan Is Pulling Their Strings


Those who are in the company of the godless attack the godly. Why? Puppetry. Satan pulls their strings to accomplish his will but God is in control and even though the enemy has evil intentions through Atheism, cults, and the occult, the Lord turns it around for His will and for the benefit of those who have put their trust in Jesus Christ.

Romans 8:28

We know that all things work together for the good of those who love God: those who are called according to His purpose.

When Satan sends you an Atheist to attack you, unknown to the devil, God has sent him your way so he can hear the Gospel.

The Word of God is very powerful…“For the word of God is living and effective and sharper than any double-edged sword, penetrating as far as the separation of soul and spirit, joints and marrow. It is able to judge the ideas and thoughts of the heart.Hebrews 4:12″

Whatever opportunity we get, regardless if they are friendly or not tell them about Christ Jesus. It might be their only chance they have to hear about the Lord

13 Replies to “Why Do Atheists Attack Christians? Satan Is Pulling Their Strings”

  1. Riiiiight… and you know this how? The bible? Nope, you won’t find this there. Your dreams maybe? They’re sure to be reliable! Or did you just make it up? Yup, that’s it. You made it up. Well done.

    1. Wow, are you really that blind? Look in the mirror and you will see my evidence of why I say that you and your associates attack Jesus Christ, the Living God. Who in their right minds would attack someone that they claim does not exist. If you are so convinced that Jesus is not real why dedicate part of your life to do so? That my friend is a demonic motivation from you Atheists. Either you are mentally disabled trying to disprove a fictional character, as Atheists claim Jesus is or your motivation is from an outside source. Your heart is full of darkness (hatred towards Christians, disdain towards God, a liar, and a deceiver), your life being the evidence of that through your blog. I know that you, yes you, are being used as a puppet in Satan’s hands in trying to destroy Christians faith in Jesus Christ. That is pure evil…that is what happens when you are an Atheist, me first and who cares about anyone else. You are devoid of anything good.

  2. I just learned about something atheists are doing to try and talk Christians out of their faith. It’s depressing to me. They call it street epistemology. Instead of a direct, blasphemous attack as some atheists do, they follow,these guidelines set down on a book some man wrote. They are nice and polite and ask questions that are designed to eventually talk Christians out of their faith. The devil’s methods are insidious, whether by direct blasphemies against God or “nicely” trying to turn people into atheists.

      1. Yes we do. It’s kind of like evangelism only they want to win people,over to atheism. And sometimes they do, I guess but I don’t believe those people are really Christian. I haven’t looked but I guess there are YouTube videos showing them in action using this street epistemology.

  3. I was looking around online and came across a site with atheist quotes and went in to read a few. I can remember one that stands out. This person said they hoped the Christian Rapture is true so all the Christians will disappear and atheists can do what they want without interference. How bizarre is that? Doesn’t he realize he is basically hoping the Bible is true? And where does it leave him if it is….and it is. I just found that to be a loony statement.

    1. Below are verses explaining why a person thinks that why.

      Matthew 13:14-15
      14 And in them the prophecy of Isaiah is fulfilled, which says:
      ‘Hearing you will hear and shall not understand,
      And seeing you will see and not perceive;
      15 For the hearts of this people have grown dull.
      Their ears are hard of hearing,
      And their eyes they have closed,
      Lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears,
      Lest they should understand with their hearts and turn,
      So that I should heal them.’

      That person’s heart has hardened. God’s Word cannot penetrate any longer. The sad case is that there are many people in that position that have already decided their destiny for the Lake of Fire. To their horror, when they enter into eternity, they will realize their mistake but it will be too late.

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