Bible Review: NKJV Study Bible

NKJV STUDY BIBLE Imitation Leather Review:

This study Bible is such a wonderful tool for Christians because of its wealth of information it contains. It has 15,000 conservative notes for the text, to explain passages and certain words. At the bottom of the page throughout the Bible, it contains Strongs number of the Hebrew and Greek to bring out more of the meaning of those words. The Word’s of Christ are in black, and articles on key Bible doctrine to get an in-depth understanding.

Each Book has an introduction, outlines, timelines, and “Christ in the scriptures” to show you how Christ is revealed in each specific Book. It will get you ready to delve into the Book you are about to read. You will also find the harmony of the Gospels to see which Book records certain parables of Jesus. It also has in-text maps to see where places were and where people traveled.

At the back of the Bible, it has a Deluxe Nelson concordance to search for people, places, and themes. Also in the back, it contains Eight pages of full-color maps and a Topical index. It has Silver page edges to protect it from getting dirty and one ribbon bookmark. The color of the inside is brown for the centered reference columns, the Hebrew and Greek Strongs number section and the headings are in brown as well.

The structure of this wonderful study Bible is a disaster. It does not have a sewn binding so it will not hold up for everyday use. The pages are a little too thin and the maps in the back look like its coming loose. If you want a study Bible that will last you a long time this isn’t it. The color of the cover is turquoise with Blue around the edge. It feels very soft and nice but without a sewn binding you will be left with just the cover in your hands since all the pages will fall out eventually.

I will not recommend this study Bible for that issue alone since it is what holds up the Bible and is very important.

I received a complimentary copy of this Bible for an honest review from

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