Testimony: Jesus did a miracle for me and my family today


Jesus did a miracle for me and my family today. We have gone without having AC in the house for over a year. The worst thing about the whole situation is that we happen to live in a never-ending summery state. Financially, I couldn’t afford to fix it. I was expecting the repair to be expensive since we have a unit that is 14 years old. Last Summer was one of the worst. I would sweat as if I just came running from a marathon and this all happened with me just sitting inside. God had mercy by having the Home Association made it mandatory for everyone in the complex to have blinds on the windows. We happen to have removed our blinds since my wife thought it looked aesthetically better without it. We had gotten a note inserted halfway through the door that if we had broken blinds we had to replace it or else they would slap a fine of $100.00. At first, I was furious, thinking to myself, who are these people telling me what I can or cannot do inside my house that’s none of their business. We simply just wanted a curtain so we could have a full view of the lake during the day. 

Not wanting to incur the penalty, at the end I went and bought the blinds for the windows and an amazing thing happened. The house actually got way cooler in the hot summer. I was amazed. I knew that it was God who made a way for me to do so, so that I and my family wouldn’t have to suffer the heat as much. It turns out not having the blinds actually made the temperature inside the house about 10 degrees hotter. Today, July 10, 2016, God in His full mercy and love gave me such a blessing that I have no words to express them fully.

a hot day

It is one of those hot and muggy days. I was so done with living in this heat that I told my wife about going to Walmart and investing in a portable AC unit for the house which costs $199.00. While I was looking in the Walmart website all of a sudden my wife and I heard a noise so loud one which sounded like a bubbling gush coming from the AC unit inside the house. It sounded as if a pipe broke and water was literally going to gush out into the hallway from the AC vent.  I stood up quickly and moved like Mr. Flash to the AC Unit to see if it was flooding with water from the pipes from the unit upstairs since both our units happen to share the same drainage. This was all God’s doing because as it happened, I looked through my window and saw the AC repairman passing by who I’d assumed was fixing my neighbor’s AC upstairs.

I quickly walked outside and told him that whatever he was doing was affecting my unit because it got flooded. He walked inside my house and said, “I’ll clean it up for you and I will also clean your vent OK.” I said OK no problem and I also asked him if he can take a look at my AC unit outside and he said, “Sure.” I had no idea that God was going to fix my AC today but while he was draining the pipes outside, the strangest thing came out of my mouth. I said to my wife, “ Baby, God is preparing to fix the AC.” I didn’t think in all my life that this AC was going to resurrect this beautiful, but hot hellish day. My wife asked the AC guy if he knew Spanish and he said yes, and that he was from the Dominican Republic. He, in turn, asked me where I was from and I stated that I was born here but that my parents were from Cuba.

We ended up going outside to check my unit and he opened it up finding that there was nothing wrong with the motor for the fan (motor is very expensive, Thank God that was not the problem…lol). It was a cylinder which he happened to have one in his van. He maybe worked on it for a good 10 minutes and just like that, my Summer hell ended. His initial asking price for the service was $160.00 but he said, “ I’m going to charge you with a discount that I charge only special customers.” He ended up giving me a discount and charged me only $135.00 which by the way I was thinking of spending $199.00 on a portable AC but before I was going to fix the problem myself, God already had planned to send this man to my house through an accident, fix my problem and saved me $65.00 in the process.

The AC guy and I started talking and he told me that his mom is an evangelical Christian and I told him that’s great and also mentioned to him if he was attending church and he replied that he wasn’t. I reminded him that when we die we won’t take anything with us except Jesus if we have Him. I wrote him a check and he told me after giving me his card that if I ever had a problem to call him and not to worry about money. To be honest I never thought that I was going to feel this wonderful cold air on my skin. I am so in awe I mean you have to understand being in a house without AC in Florida which gets to 102 degrees is unbearable. After the man left thanking him 1000 times while he was leaving, we got together as a family and prayed to the Lord and gave Him thanks for His mercies which are endless.

giving thanks

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  1. Glad to hear the testimony. God is always faithful and we can see it when we wait on Him. Last summer, our central AC went out and we had no money for repairs. Based on Matthew 6:33, we thanked Him for His continued faithfulness and He moved on one of my sisters-in-law who bought us a nice window unit. Shortly after this, another sister in Christ gave us a small window unit for the dining room. Both rooms with window units were now on opposite ends of the house and with well placed fans, the house was actually cooler than with the central AC!

    A few weeks later, the Lord showed me, as I was waking up, how to check to see whether the central needed a capacitor or fan motor. I am not an electrician but as it turned out, what He showed me to do revealed that all we needed to get the central AC working again was a less than $10 capacitor. It was easy to install and now, our central was working just in time for a new house guest to arrive and live upstairs. Perfect timing!

    He just keeps showing us His faithfulness to us and we never can get over it!

  2. In everything,give thanks. Pretty amazed to see your testimony on your blog. Many people ignore these thinking ‘just happened’. But you realised its God working in your life. Praise God for that.
    Let God bless you more and more.

    1. Amen Mary, Sometimes it takes going through fiery trials to come to realize how much I need the Lord regardless if its a good season for me or a bad one. No matter what we need to be seeking God’s face.

  3. Wow praise God! This is an awesome testimony thank you for sharing!
    God is always right on time.
    Brother, I also pray for you that the Lord give you more dreams and visions to encourage the church.
    Your last dream was very insightful.
    God bless you!

      1. You know..your testimony reminds me of all the times God just showed up like in this situation and turned everything around! And through these situations it really increase your faith! So the trials get harder and longer and we have to keep this same faith KNOWING no matter what God will come through for us! Believe it! He will!

        1. Only through tribulations can ones faith grow. A tree’s strength is measured by the thickness of it’s trunk. The only way that happens is when strong winds hit against the tree. The winds make the tree sway back and forth which builds up the trunk to be thicker. In the same way tribulation builds our faith to be stronger.

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