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I had a dream: God showed me America being defeated by Satan spiritually


I had a dream on 6/30/2016 that I was in some house and I went to go see my daughter which by the way was late. I went inside a room and one of my female cousins was there in bed with my daughter. My daughter was sleeping on the end of the bed and I saw her eyes move rapidly while being closed and I knew she was having a dream. She was mumbling something so I got closer and put my ears up to her mouth to hear what she was saying and I heard this: America is under attack. Then the dream switched to a different scene in which my wife and I were walking on a road and all of a sudden an eagle came down and landed in front of us but it was handicapped. Either it was missing a leg or it was broken I don’t remember but it looked like it was walking in crutches. Right after the eagle landed and was walking towards us, suddenly all of its feathers fell right off and the eagle looked like a plucked chicken. My wife kicked its beak but I told her to stop because I had compassion for the bird. End of the dream.

My interpretation: I think that America is under spiritual attack in such a way that hasn’t happened since it was founded. It seems to me that Satan and his hordes are focusing primarily on the United States because Europe already fallen and now it’s our turn. The Eagle means that America has been hit so hard that it has been handicapped and it’s been stripped of its feathers disabling it from soaring high, taking away its might and left without strength.

Any other interpretations are welcome.

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