The NKJV Study Bible Paperback Personal Size (Review)


This is a review on the NKJV Study Bible Personal size paperback full-color edition.  Starting off with the structure and quality of the paperback, the cover seems to be laminated which will last longer than having one without. The bible dimensions are 8.40 x 5.40 x 2.00 inches. The pages are glued and substantial in thickness. The glue seems to be well done and will hold up under a lot of use.

Font size on this Bible according to some Christian site states a 7 for the text and 6 for the notes at the bottom. I differ, it seems more like an 8 (text) and 7 (notes) or it could be because the font looks crisp and dark making it very readable. The headers are in blue with the chapter which is very pleasing on the eyes when you look at them. The words of Jesus are in red. It has a middle reference column in a slate blue color with the fonts in black (very readable).

The extra-biblical content in this Bible is phenomenal especially the notes being very conservative in its approach. When you first open the Bible, it has a presentation page, foreword (which tells you what the Bible has), table of contents, editors and contributors, special abbreviations, preface to the NKJV, how to understand what the Bible means by what it says, books of the old and new testaments, articles, Bible times and culture notes, charts and diagrams, in-text maps and word studies.

The notes are very conservative and thorough. It also has references to what it is explaining as to how they arrived at that interpretation on a specific passage.

Each Book of the Bible has a synopsis and quick introduction giving you more detail to the origin,  containing the author and date, structure, purpose and theme, Christ in the scriptures and an outline of the chapters in that book.

Next to the study notes contains Hebrew and Greek word studies to help the reader get in depth understanding of specific words.

Next to the text of the Bible are beautiful colored pictures giving you historic and cultural backgrounds on certain topics.

The end or back of the Bible has a table of monies weights, and measures, teachings and illustrations of Christ, prophecies of the messiahs fulfilled in Jesus Christ, the parables of Jesus Christ, the miracles of Jesus Christ, prayers of the Bible, subjects index to annotations and features, extensive concordance and maps.

Conclusion: I think this is an excellent study Bible especially with the in-book reference and study tools. I would definitely recommend every believer to own this for deep study. I believe the notes found in this study Bible are from trustworthy Christians with sound doctrine, not that they won’t make a mistake or that you would agree with what they say entirely. This particular Bible is recommendable to make as your primary since it has all that you need accessible in one compact format. If the fonts happen to be too small for your eyes, they do have one that’s a normal size just as good. Overall, it is well crafted with colors that are crisp and beautiful making it aesthetically pleasing and would make as an excellent gift to someone.

I received a complimentary copy of this Bible for an honest review.

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